Equestra Equine Omeprazole Granules: A New Technology in Equine Healthcare

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Are you aware of the prevalence of Equine Squamous Gastric Disease (ESGD) and Equine Glandular Gastric Disease (EGGD) among horses participating in high-intensity exercises?

ESGD has a reported prevalence of 80-100%, while EGGD is widely prevalent in performance and leisure horses. Papers have reported endurance horses during the competition season may have 66-93% of horses affected with ESGD

gastric ulcers affects performance horse, flat race and showjumping horse

EGUS not only affects performance, but also affects the horse’s welfare, so clearly we need to do everything we can to support our horses to stay comfortable and ulcer free.

Signs include:

signs of gastic ulcer

The cornerstone of treating and preventing the recurrence of both ESGD and EGGD is the suppression of hydrochloric acid production.

Enter Equestra, a new technology that brings a new level of convenience to the required daily dosing regimen. Equestra is a highly palatable, enteric-coated omeprazole product in a granule formulation that can easily be administered orally to horses.

high bioavailability of equestra

equestra granules


Omeprazole (the active constituent in Equestra) needs to reach the small intestine where it is absorbed. On its journey, it first needs to pass through the harsh environment of the stomach, including the acidic pH, which breaks down and destroys certain types of medication.

Equestra’s unique enteric coating protects the Omeprazole from being destroyed in the stomach and ensures it is safely delivered to the small intestine for optimal absorption.

When the bioavailability of a medication is enhanced, it allows for a larger quantity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to reach its intended site of action. This can result in a more powerful therapeutic effect and a quicker onset of action. Clinical trials that have been peer-reviewed and published demonstrate that EQUESTRA has a higher level of bioavailability in comparison to other formulations. Click here to see both an accelerated onset of action and an enhanced therapeutic effect.

EQUESTRA provides multiple benefits to both the horse and the horse owner. The granules are simply sprinkled from the sachet(s) onto 20g of dry feed for the horse to consume voluntarily. This means there is no need to catch the horse and administer the product directly into the horse’s mouth, making the daily dosing regimen easier and more convenient.

EQUESTRA also boasts a rapid absorption time of just 30 minutes, allowing horses to resume their regular feeding schedule sooner than with paste products that require a waiting period of 60 minutes.

equestra works in 30 minutes

Additionally, According to Dr. Ben Sykes BSc BVMS MS MBA DipACVIM DipECEIM PhD FHEA, EQUESTRA is "the next generation of oral omeprazole - highly bioavailable and easy to administer in-feed."

With EQUESTRA, you can ensure your horse's gastric health is taken care of, all while making the daily dosing process easier and more efficient.

Try EQUESTRA today and give your horse the convenient and effective treatment they deserve.

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