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Probiotic and Prebiotic treatment For Horses 

Gut Bind is a two day course of probiotics, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin to support the horse and foal's gut.

Kaolin is a natural binding agent which helps to firm up the faeces and pectin is included to soothe the gut lining.

The paste formulation provides important fatty acids. And the probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae doesn’t just support a balanced gut microbiota in times of stress, it also contains numerous essential amino acids, vitamins, including vitamin B6, and important minerals. S. cerevisiae promotes fibre digestion, maximising dietary potential through the release of safe calories from fibre, ensuring optimum nutrition.

Gut Bind is peppermint flavoured.

All Protexin Equine Premium supplements are complementary feeds – designed to provide nutrition, as well as support digestive function and efficiency.

Composition / Active ingredients:

Soya oil / Pectin, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide)
Additives: Digestibility Enhancers / Protexin probiotic /
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC Sc47) 4b1702 / 2 x 1011 CFU/kg; 2 x 108 CFU/g
Technological Additives: Kaolin / Preplex® prebiotic – Acacia (Gum arabic)

Pack size: 30ml multi-dose calibrated syringe.

Dosage: Give by mouth every 8 hours for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.

< 100kg horse: 5ml every 8 hours

100 - 500kg horse: 10ml every 8 hours

> 500kg horse: 15ml every 8 hours

Always seek veterinary advice if your horse or foal has a disrupted gut.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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