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Special custom mix, Low calorie fortified feed

Arabian Summer Mix provides essential nutrients to help maintain optimum health and condition of endurance horses that are resting and recovering after a busy season. The ration is high in fibre to help support the digestive system and restore optimum digestive balance after a long and intensive season.

MAINTENANCE MIX is suitable for:

  • Resting endurance horses during the ‘off season’ to support optimum recovery in preparation for the next season
  • Endurance horses during initial fittening work
  • Direct transitioning during full training if work is suddenly stopped or reduced

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent cost-effective feeding.
  • High fibre formulation for gut health.
  • Quality protein sources for maintaining normal cell, tissue and muscle repair.
  • Fully fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals and is oat free to help reduce behavioural problems when horses are not in work.
  • Formulated to ensure smooth transitioning from a lower energy feed through to the higher energy endurance feeds.


Oatfeed / Barley Flakes / Lucerne Pellets / Molasses / Maize Flakes / Pea Flakes /  Vitamins /  Minerals /  Mixture of Flavouring Compounds

Pack Size: 20kg

Specification Sheet:

for English 

for Arabic 


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