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For longer lasting controlled performance

Enduro 160 is a complete high energy coarse mix that has been specifically formulated to help provide optimum support to those endurance horses that are training and competing over longer distances and maintaining faster speeds.

ENDURO 160 is suitable for:

  • Elite endurance horses that are running at higher racing speeds over long distance
  • Hard working horses to help optimise muscle and liver glycogen stores
  • Strategic feeding at vet gates
  • Fussy feeders and horses with limited appetites

Features & Benefits:

  • High energy Coarse mix.
  • Formulated on “Super-Fibres” & oil to provide a long lasting controlled performance.
  • Contains a live yeast culture to support hindgut health and optimal forage digestion.
  • Includes natural Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant to assist normal muscle function.
  • Quality protein source to optimise peak muscle health and encourage maintenance of topline and muscle definition.
  • Contains micronized cereals to support glycogen replacement post exercise and help to delay the onset of fatigue.


Barley Flakes / Oats /  Dried Sugarbeet Pulp /  Lucerne Pellets / Isomaltulose Molasses / Soya Oil /  Soya Hulls / Pea Flakes /  Soya Flakes / Vitamins & Minerals /  Calcium / Carbonate /  Monocalcium Phosphate / Sodium Chloride /  Soya Bean Meal /  Molasses

Pack Size: 20kg

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