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Reduce Stress, Promote Calming and Improve Concentration
Horses are fright and flight animals, and can be prone to excitability and nervousness in
unfamiliar surroundings (such as a new competition or training venue), which can cause them to lose concentration and focus. Super So-Kalm® provides three key micronutrients to help the horse to maintain a calm outlook and concentrate on his work. Magnesium – plays many important roles in the body, including muscle function, and is a key cofactor in enzymes, which are important in nerve transmission. A lack of magnesium in the diet can result in neuromuscular excitability.

Calcium – interacts closely with magnesium and also plays important roles in maintaining correct muscle and nerve function. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – plays a key role in nerve impulse transmission, as well as in energy production. Super So-Kalm® also provides tryptophan, a key amino acid which can be converted in the horse’s liver to produce the important B vitamin niacin.

What are the benefits of Super So-Kalm® Powder?

  • Support your horse's healthHorses can be prone to excitability and nervousness in unfamiliar surroundings. Our Super So Kalm Powder helps to settle stressed horses when competing or even at home.
  • Natural IngredientsSuper So-Kalm® Powder provides three key micronutrients that help the horse to maintain a calm outlook and concentrate on their work. Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin B1 work together to tackle the effects of everyday stresses on your horse.
  • Essential for calming behaviour  – the 3 key ingredients are specially formulated to reduce stress in a multipronged approach. The Magnesium soothes neuro-muscular excitability, Calcium strengthens nerve function, and Vitamin B1 maintains energy levels

Pack size: 1kg powder (33 day supply)

Directions for use: Equine Super So-Kalm® Powder is a complementary feed that forms part of a balanced diet. It is highly palatable and perfect for horses experiencing new environments and training regimes or competition. The 1 kg tub can provide a month’s supply of supplements. Designed for an average 500kg horse; 30g per day. May feed an additional 30g, two hours prior to event. 30g (approx.) measure enclosed. Maximum; 60g per day (divided into two feeds)

Super so kalm powder

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