Saracen Enduro Speed for Performance

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Saracen's Enduro Speed is an instant energy feed to support power and speed based exercises for horses. High quality protein sources to optimise peak muscle health. Also includes a daily dose of live yeast to support digestion and electrolyte inclusion to delay the onset of fatigue.
  • Enduro-Speed maintains all the nutritional benefits of the Enduro 160, but has been formulated with a slightly higher inclusion of cereals to help optimise glycogen and energy reserve replenishment, palatability and support power and the ability to accelerate to higher speeds when required.
  • Enduro Speed is Free from Soya.
  • Enduro-Speed is formulated with a unique form of molasses, which has been proven to significantly improve the palatability of a ration due to its ‘sweetness’, but unlike traditional molasses, this isomaltosesugar, is a slow-release sugar that offers prolonged blood glucose and insulin release that helps to optimise more efficient use of glucogenic energy, thus having less negative impact on metabolism and digestive health.
High quality protein sources have been used to maximise amino acid provision and increase digestibility, which helps to reduce heat load in horses that are competing in hotter climates like in the UAE.

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