Selecting the right Conditioning Feed for Your Horse

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Conditioning mix Saracens

When selecting a conditioning feed for your horse, you should consider the horse's time in the stable, temperament, and amount of work you plan to do during the winter (or resting) months.

Some conditioning feeds have high levels of micronized cereals and lower levels of fiber and oil, which can be effective for weight gain. However, the quick-release energy from these cereals may not be suitable for horses that are prone to excitability, are in light work, or spend a lot of time in the stable.
For horses that may become "hot" when fed a high cereal diet, a conditioning feed with high digestible energy but lower starch content, like Saracen CONDITION-IMPROVER MIX, may be a better option. This feed does however contains barley but is lower in starch compared to some other conditioning feeds on the market. The barley provides a higher level of instant energy, making it suitable for horses that need extra condition and energy for work.
Saracen CONDITION-IMPROVER MIX also include EQUI-JEWEL, a high-fat stabilized rice bran that supports muscle and topline development when paired with a suitable exercise program.
These feeds are digested slowly, which helps manage excitable temperaments by releasing energy slowly.
saracen improver mix NEW CONDITION-IMPROVER MIX

Calorie dense mix formulated to support weight gain & build topline

  • Horses & ponies requiring weight gain, topline & shine 
  • Horses & ponies needing stunning coat condition
  • Horses & ponies that have a laid-back temperament 
Young horses at the beginning of their training 

Download the detailed spec sheet HERE

Tip: To determine the starch level of a feed, check the ingredients list, which should be printed on the bag or label. The ingredients are listed in order of inclusion, so if cereals are among the first few ingredients, the feed is likely to have a higher starch level than one with cereals lower on the list.

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