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A Cereal free, low sugar starch performance ration

For Horses prone to gastric ulcers

RE-LEVE®-MIX is suitable for:

  • Horses requiring low starch diets. (Veterinarian Recommended).
  • Gastric Health: RE-LEVE®-Mix has been awarded the BETA Assurance Mark for products suitable for horses prone to equine gastric ulcer syndrome.
  • Optimum Stamina:   RE-LEVE®-Mix contains long lasting energy sources suitable for performance horses that engage in endurance exercise.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low starch (8.0%) and low sugar (6.0%)
  • Vet-recommended, cereal-free mix, specially developed to train and run on and support horses with gastric health and tying up issues.
  • Free from cereals – Providing energy through a combination of ‘super-fibres” and high oil levels.
  • High oil Mix (9.0%) for building topline and condition.
  • Natural Vitamin E – Increased anti-oxidant support.
  • BMC (Buffered Mineral Complex) a Natural mineral source with research proven benefits for gastric health and bone development.
  • Vistacell Yeast – Increased nutrient digestibility.


Soya Hulls (GM Soya) / Dried Sugar Beet Pulp / Pea Flakes / Soya Flakes (GM Soya) / Blackcurrant Flavour / Grass Pellets / Soya Oil (GM Soya) / Molasses / Sunflower Extract / Dicalcium Phosphate / Sodium Chloride / Maerl (calcareous marine algae) / Vitamins & Minerals

Pack size: 20kg

Specification Sheet:
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