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Quick soaking beet pulp 

 Saracen Rapid Beet is a quick soaking beet pulp that is high in digestible fibre and provides a source of slow release and non-heating energy. It is naturally low in sugar (5%) and starch (1.5%) making it suitable for horses that require a low sugar and starch feed. Saracen Rapid beet is highly palatable and can be added to any feed to help increase the horses digestible fibre intake.

RAPID BEET is suitable for:
  • All horses and ponies that require additional fibre
  • Horses & ponies requiring a low starch and sugar feed

Features & Benefits:

  • High in digestible fibre.
  • Quick soaking beet pulp.
  • Low in starch (1.5%) & sugar (5%).
  • Non-Heating.
  • Suitable to feed all year round.


Unmolassed Sugar beet

Pack Size: 20kg

Specification Sheet:

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