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Topline & Conditioning mix (Weight gain) 

The ultimate calorie conditioning diet for easy and controlled weight gain. High in oil for stunning coat with a small inclusion of cereal to support quick release of energy for horses and ponies with laid back temperament. Also contains a full dose of EQUI-JEWEL® plus live yeast to support digestive health.

SHOW IMPROVER MIX is suitable for:

  • Show horses & ponies requiring condition.
  • Horses & ponies needing stunning coat condition.
  • Show horses & ponies that require instant energy & sparkle.
  • Show horses & ponies that have a laid back temperament.

Features and Benefits:

  • The ultimate conditioning diet for easy and controlled weight gain.
  • Includes micronised and extruded barley to supply quick release energy.
  • Stunning coat condition as a result of high oil levels from the inclusion of EQUI-JEWEL®
  • Alfalfa based with micronised soya beans and peas providing quality protein for muscle development.
  • Live yeast and “Super-Fibre” inclusion supports gut health and aids gut mobility.
  • Fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.


Lucerne Pellets / Barley Flakes / Soya Hulls (GM Soya) / Maize Flakes / Molasses / Pea Flakes / Soya Flakes (GM Soya) / Rice Bran with Calcium Carbonate / Soya Oil (GM Soya) / Vitamins & Minerals / Calcium Carbonate / Dried Sugar Beet Pulp / Monocalcium Phosphate / Soya Bean Meal (GM Soya) / Sodium Chloride / Coconut Flavour / Maerl (calcareous marine algae)

Pack size: 20kg

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