Supporting Endurance Horses: A Closer Look at Maintenance Mix

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As we approach the off-season for endurance horses, it's crucial to focus on their recovery and preparation for the next season.

Saracen Horse Feeds is one of the pioneering feed companies that recognized the need for specialized nutrition and introduced a complete endurance range. This range offers horse feeds formulated to support endurance horses throughout the entire season, not just during training and racing periods. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of the maintenance mix, a non-heating feed designed to help horses recover and maintain optimal condition during the off-season.

Ensuring Smooth Transition and Digestive Health:

The endurance range offers feeds with shared raw materials, making transitioning between different feeds easier and reducing the risk of digestive issues. During the off-season , it's essential not to neglect the well-being of these hardworking horses. This period presents an opportunity to identify horses that may have struggled with maintaining condition or appetite during the previous season. By recognizing these individuals, we can provide them with specialized feeding and management to address their specific needs.

Promoting Digestive Health and Energy Storage:

Saracen's Maintenance Mix plays a vital role in aiding recovery during the off-season. It contains digestible fibers such as soy hulls, alfalfa, and beet pulp, which are excellent for the horse's hind gut. These fibers support the essential gut microbes, restoring balance and maintaining microbial diversity. Additionally, the digestible fibers are gentle on the digestive system, helping to restore a normal balance. Alfalfa, known for its natural calcium content, acts as an antacid and aids in maintaining appetite and comfort.

Balanced Protein and Optimal Fat Levels:

With a protein level of 8%, the Maintenance Mix prioritizes quality over quantity to avoid increasing heat stress, especially in warmer climates like the UAE. Essential amino acids like Lysine and Methionine are included to support cell, tissue, and muscle repair. The 3% crude oil level enhances coat condition and aids in maintaining body condition. The feed is fortified with a full range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including vitamin E, which supports the immune system and muscle health.

Foundations for the Off-Season, the Options:saracen feeding

Maintenance Mix serves as a foundation for the endurance horse's off-season program. It supports horses in light work and initiates the repair process, setting them up for the next season.
Show Improver Mix (Conditioning Mix) , suitable for resting horses or those in light work, contains a high-fat rice bran supplement that helps maintain condition and soothe the digestive system.
Recovery Mash is particularly beneficial as temperatures rise, aiding water intake, hydration, and recovery. It's an excellent choice for horses requiring additional supplements or medication during their recovery. This feed not only masks the taste of supplements but also increases water uptake, ensuring hydration and reducing the risk of impaction colics. It's important to note that while incorporating these specialized feeds, a well-balanced and optimum forage ration must be maintained to ensure overall nutritional balance. 
In conclusion Saracen's Maintenance Mix and Saracen's endurance range provide essential nutrition for endurance horses during the off-season. By prioritizing recovery, and maintaining optimum condition, these feeds set the stage for a successful upcoming season.
If you have any specific inquiries about the range or how to cater to your horse's individual needs, don't hesitate to reach out to our Sales team. saracen train recover range


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